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Dia 1, 24 Setembro

Sessão General photogrammetric and cartographic problems

Autor Título Apresentação
Victor Adrov, Managing Director, Racurs, Russia Opening of the conference. Conference program. PPS, 3.5 MB
Gottfried Konecny, Emeritus Professor, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany From geodesy and mapping to geospatial information. PPS, 26 MB
Armin Gruen, Emeritus Professor, Institute of Conservation and Building Research, Switzerland Next generation SMART CITY: the role of geomatics. PDF, 10 MB
Gottfried Konecny, Emeritus Professor, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany Government, Industry and Academia — partners for progress in geoinformation. PPS, 31 MB

Sessão Digital cameras and aerial equipment

Autor Título Apresentação
Yuri Raizman, VP EMEA & Chief Scientist, VisionMap, Israel The further development of the A3 family mapping systems. PPS, 39 MB
Valentin Zaytcev, Sales Manager, Leica Geosystems AG, Switzerland Leica Geosystems and Z/I Imaging aerial equipment — what is new. PPS, 44 MB
Alexander Grechishchev, Leading Researcher, Director of the Research and Education Center Geomonitoring, MIIGAiK, Russia Results of the processing of remote sensing data of the extraterrestrial territories. PPS, 24 MB

Sessão Photogrammetric processing of digital aerial imagery

Autor Título Apresentação
Engelbert Breg, Sales Director EMEA & SA, Microsoft/Vexcel Imaging, Austria The power of multiray photogrammetry. PPS, 120 MB
Andrey Borzov, Leading Programmer, KB Panorama, Russia Automated complex of interpretation and vectorization. PPS, 27 MB
Stanislav Stoyanov, Engineer, GIS Sofia Ltd., Bulgaria Updating GIS of Sofia municipality using UltraCamXp images. PPS, 11 MB
Vasco Luis Palmeirim, Managing Director, SigmaGEO, Portugal Vector Maps — Production Flow. PPS, 13 MB
Dmitry Kochergin, Head of Technical Support Department, Racurs, Russia DPW PHOTOMOD. Basic functionality capabilities and future development. PPS, 17 MB
Andrey Sechin, Scientific Director, Racurs, Russia Modern DSM creation algorightms in DPW's. PPS, 3 MB
Alexander Mikhaylov, Head of Photogrammetry Department, MIIGAIK, Russia Digital cameras for UAV aerial survey. PPS, 1.5 MB
Natalia Kovach, Deputy Head of Department, NIPIStroyTEK, Russia The creation of ortoimages from digital thermovisual photography data. PPS, 21 MB
Eugene Levin, Professor, Michigan Technological University, USA Research in hands-free control of digtal photogrammetric 3D measurements. PPS, 2.2 MB
Oleg Glukhov, Deputy Chief Engineer, Kadastrs'emka, Russia Aerial survey for the forest management. PPS, 42 MB

Dia 2, 25 Setembro

Sessão Modern space remote sensing sensors

Autor Título Apresentação
Bruno Bertolini, Sales Manager Russia and India, ASTRIUM GEO, France Pleiades after 3 months of operational service. PDF, 3.4 MB
Giovanni Marchisio, Director, DigitalGlobe, USA The billion pixel challenge: turning VHR imagery into actionable content. PPS, 120 MB
Andrey Shumakov, Sales Director Russia and CIS, GeoEye, USA GeoEye constellation: setting standards for resolution and accuracy. PPS, 33 MB
Alexander Zhuravlev, Deputy Head of Department, TsSKB Progress, Russia Offers on creation of multiband radar imaging space system on the basis of small satellites. PPS, 2 MB
Antonio Araújo, Project Manager, GMV, Portugal From satellite imagery to services: Security, Forestry, Agriculture. PDF, 7 MB

Methods and software for space remote sensing data processing

Autor Título Apresentação
Ilshat Kasimov, Chief Specialist, RDC SCANEX, Russia Geoportal — the integrated tool for the forest managment. PPS, 10 MB
Grigory Zusev, Managing Director, CTT group, Russia. Victor Adrov, Managing Director, Racurs, Russia Automatic high performance RSD processing. PPS, 10 MB
Oleg Gomozov, Chief of Research-and-Production Complex, Research Institute of Precision Instruments, Russia Modern streaming RSD processing technologies for geodata creation. PPS, 25 MB
Nina Yaldygina, Chief Specialist of Software Department, Sovzond, Russia Usage of the ENVI 5.0 and ArcGIS 10.1. for RSD analysis. PPS, 7 MB
Marina Sergeeva, Deputy Director, RDC SCANEX, Russia "Earth from Space" network university initiative. PPS, 10 MB

Sessão Modern space remote sensing sensors

Autor Título Apresentação
Victor Nekrasov, head of GIS department, CTT group, Russia Experimental complex for improving the georeferencing accuracy of spaceborne images. PPS, 27 MB
Andrey Sudorgin, Head of Sector, Research Institute of Precision Instruments, Russia The experience of multiband mosaic creation on the base of SAR images. PPS, 8 MB
Elena Kravtsova, Head of Photogrammetry Department, GIA Innoter, Russia DPS PHOTOMOD practical application for the Kanopus V Space. PPS, 8 MB
Alexey Peshkun, Chief Engineer, Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring, Russia Application of RESURS DK1 Spacecraft Images for 3D Digital Terrain Model Construction. PPS, 8 MB
Milana Elerdova, Development Director, Sovzond, Russia Institutional and corporate projects in the field of GIS and RSD. From theory to practise. PPS, 21 MB

Sessão Remote sensing data usage

Autor Título Apresentação
David Critchley, CEO, Proteus, United Arab Emirates Satellite bathymetry. PPS, 29 MB
Oleg Solontsov, Deputy Director, FSUE Roslesinforg, Russia Usage of RSD for governmental forest inventory. PPS, 20 MB
Yuri Baranov, Head of the Department, Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Russia Some aspects of use of optical (WorldView-2) and radio (TerraSAR-X). PPS, 52 MB

Dia 3, 26 Setembro

Sessão Photogrammetry and 3D modeling

Autor Título Apresentação
Elena Kobzeva, Chief Engineer, Technology 2000, Russia Photogrammetrical technology for the 3D area modeling. PPS, 10 MB
Alexey Elizarov, Head of Software Development Department, Racurs, Russia 3D modeling in PHOTOMOD. PPS, 19 MB
Nina Nikiforova, Engineer, SUE Mosgorgeotrest, Russia The experience of SUE Mosgorgeotrest on usage and processing of remote sensing database for Moscow area. PPS, 15 MB
Marina Moiseeva, Engineer, GIA Innoter, Russia The 3D models as the spatial information reflection systems and their practical application. PPS, 4 MB
Olga Timofeeva, Chief Engineer, Geoingormatciya, Russia 3D modeling of surface quarries of coal Kuzbass. PPS, 13 MB
Mathias Rothermel, PhD student, Shtuttgart University, Germany Semi-global matching and 3D City Models. PPS, 21 MB
Alexander Chekurin, Sales and Marketing Director, Racurs, Russia Results of the International PHOTOMOD Lite Contest. PPS, 4.5 MB